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Wilkes Barre, PA

Moving in the Wilkes Barre area can be difficult unless you have the skill and experience of a professional mover. Bekins Moving Solutions provides exceptional moving services for both homeowners and businesses. Whether you are moving local or long-distance, Bekins Moving Solutions is there to help you plan it all in Wilkes Barre. All of our professional movers are thoroughly trained in proper packing, loading, and unloading techniques. Everything is guaranteed to reach your destination in pristine condition. Our staff is always professional, courteous, and ready to assist you in your move. While moving can be stressful, when you hire a company like Bekins Moving Solutions, things can get just a bit easier. Call our office today for a list of all our commercial and residential moving services.

Meet the Team

Rick Herrington – General Manager, Bekins Moving Solutions of Wilkes Barre

Welcome to Bekins Moving Solutions of Wilkes-Barre. We’ve got a great team of movers here with many long time dedicated employees ready to help you have the easiest move of your life. Every day is an adventure here. We encounter many different moving situations and can take on any job, big or small. Nothing makes my day more than helping someone through a complicated move. I am especially proud of our involvement in charity and community causes. We are the exclusive provider of logistics, drivers and trucks for the Marine Corps Reserve local Toys for Tots campaign during December each year.

Bekins Moving Solutions has been serving the Wilkes-Barre area since 1933. If you need a mover, you can rest assured we have the experts you need.

Nick Laurie – Moving Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

What moving services do you provide?

If you need it to move, chances are we provide it. You can hire us to not only move you, but to professional pack all your belongings as well. We can even provide the moving supplies necessary. If you are still in the process of selling your home, we offer a service called Clear the Clutter, where we will pack some of your items and store them in our warehouse. A clean, decluttered home often sells faster, so this can be a great benefit.

You don’t even need to be moving to take advantage of our storage services! You can store any items with us for the short or long term.

What happens to my items in storage?

After the items have been properly packed, we load them into one of our secure vaults and place it in our warehouse. We have state of the art security, heating and cooling to keep everything safe for as long as your need to leave it with us. Just like moving, you can hire us to pack the items you need stored or you can pack them yourself.

What do you do to protect my property during transport?

If you’ve ever tried to pack a moving van before, you know the experience can feel like a very stressful game of Tetris. But our team of professionals have figured out the trick to the game. After moving people every day for years, we know exactly how to organize your items in the moving truck to prevent anything from moving too much or getting crushed. If you want more protection, you can hire us to pack for you.

Another form of protection you may want to look into is valuation. We offer various valuation packages that cover the repair, replacement or replacement cost of any item that is accidentally damaged. Call our office for more information about specific plans.

Can you help me relocate my pet?

Unfortunately, we cannot move you pet. The moving van is not a safe environment for any living creature, so you will have to make your own arrangements. We recommend you take pets in the car with your family. If that is not an option, contact your local veterinarian for pet moving options.

For more information about our movers in the Wilkes Barre area, contact Bekins Moving Solutions today. Call 570-793-2193 to schedule your move with us!


The gentlemen that helped me move were professional and treated all my belongings like their own. They were efficient and quite fast. My moving experience couldn't have been any better.

Roxanne G. 10/26/2017

Overall, the movers were professional and did a great job moving our items. Everything made it in one piece, and I was very happy with the overall experience.

Christopher B. 09/05/2017

The three guys worked very very hard on a tough job. I give them a lot of credit.

Lynn D. 05/02/2017

We have used Bekins for several of our moves and have always had a good experience. Our movers were very courteous and helpful. Thank you Bekin for another great move....unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, this will be the last!!

Vivki R. 04/11/2017

Very good from the sales man to your movers they all took the time to be AS CAREFUL WITH ALL MY ITEMS . the 3 movers you had hear did an awsome job .. been in business for 30+ years and there you have 3 great workers

Charlie H. 03/13/2017

Great group of guys , friendly, hard working and professional!

Daniel T. 01/18/2017

Service was friendly & courteous. Movers were careful & professional. Would use them again in future if necessity required another move.

Geordine C. 12/28/2016

Kevin, Kevin and Danny were on time, very helpful, and efficient! Service was excellent!

Lorie R. 11/10/2016

The movers were on time, careful and really professional. They were wonderful! We'd highly recommend.

Cara K. 11/01/2016

Prompt, very thorough, and so polite! Highly recommend these guys!

Mary Rose V. 10/24/2016