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Tucson, AZ

Moving in the Tuscon area can be difficult without the right moving company. You can always count on Bekins Moving Solutions to provide a seamless transition into your new home or business location. We help residential and commercial clients with every aspect of their move. We are a full service mover that proudly serves the Tucson area with exceptional moving services. We can help you get all the packing supplies necessary, carefully pack your items, and get them to your destination quickly and safely. You know when you hire our professional movers in Tucson, that you are getting nothing but the utmost professionalism. All our staff is thoroughly background checked and trained in all aspects of moving. Don’t choose any mover in Tucson! Choose the mover that you can trust. Choose Bekins Moving Solutions!

Meet the Team

Bob Watson – General Manager of Bekins Moving Solutions Tucson

Greetings! You’ve reach the primary moving contractor for Tucson area military relocations! For the past 15+ years, it has been my honor and privilege to service the military members at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base. No one can beat the years of experience Bekins Moving Solutions of Tucson has in moving and storage. We’ve been moving families, businesses and military members in the area since the 1950s. Our professional personnel average more than 20 years of moving experience and can make even the most difficult move stress free.

Here in Tucson, customers and employees are like family. Whatever the circumstances of your moving or storage needs, I am certain we have the experience to help. Contact our branch today by filling out the form on this page. You can also reach our moving experts directly by clicking on their name.

Vince Rennie – Moving Consultant

Shelly Kearns – Moving Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide besides moving?

In addition to moving, we also provide storage services. You do not have to move with us to store items in our warehouse. We offer services for both household storage and business storage. Additionally, we provide a service called Clear the Clutter, where we help customers declutter a home they are trying to sell in order to sell faster. If you book a move with us, we offer both full and partial packing services. All of these services are highly customizable to whatever need you may have.

What type of equipment will I need for my move?

If you plan to pack yourself, you’ll need boxes, packing tape, packing paper and a moving dolly. We can provide all these items for your move. If you hire us to pack for you, we will provide the necessary equipment to pack and load everything.

What are some helpful packing tips to protect my belongings?

The question on everyone’s mind when they move is how they can safely pack their items without any damage occurring during transit. There are a few tips to ensure nothing is lost or damaged during a big move.

To start, you should plan ahead. We cannot stress this enough. Planning can alleviate much of the worry, the anxiety, and the logistics of moving. If you know exactly what is coming with you on the trip, you can purchase the correct packaging materials for everything ahead of time. This extra time will also offer enough opportunity to pack everything safely and securely.

Next, you should package up each room separately. Label every single box for each room and exactly what is going into the box. This is so when the time comes to unload everything, nothing is lost, and everything is exactly where you need it to be.

What is a binding estimate?

A binding estimate is a moving estimate that details the cost of a move from a certain moving company. With a binding estimate, the cost of your move will not go up or down, even if your final weight is greater or less than the original quoted amount.

These estimates can be voided by the moving company. If you decide you want to add a packing service or need to have more items moved, your mover might void out your binding estimate or provide an addendum to your estimate, which will detail these new costs.

When reading through your binding estimate, look carefully at what you’re agreeing to and make sure you understand everything before you sign. If you have questions about anything on your binding estimate, be sure to ask your moving consultant. They will go through your estimate with you and answer any questions you might have.

Can I move my house plants?

We encourage anyone with house plants to move them on their own. As a rule, Bekins Moving Solutions does not move any house plants. We find that few plants survive for very long in our trucks, and there isn’t time to stop, water the plant, and make sure it’s getting enough sunlight. By the end of the move, the plant ends up looking unhealthy, and sometimes, the water and soil spill all over your other belongings in the truck.

For these reasons, we will not move houseplants, but that doesn’t mean you cannot move your plants on your own. You can pack your plants in boxes and wrap newspaper around the pots to protect them.

If moving your plants isn’t an option right away, ask a friend to take care of them for a few weeks while you get settled in your new home. When you’re ready, drive back to your friend’s house or ask to meet them somewhere between your two houses.


For more information regarding our movers in the Tucson area, contact Bekins Moving Solutions today. Call 520-917-4404 to schedule your move with us!


They were great. On time. Completed quicker than originally estimated. Worked hard and late until job was done.

Allison R. 10/21/2017

Bekins was listed in our Saddle Brooke Directory, I called Ron Burns. after speaking to Mr Burns, there was no need to call another mover.Mr Burns became our extended family member. He helped us every step very professional, yet so average. We will remember him with love and gratitude.

Cleave and Ruth H. 10/20/2017

The team that moved us was exceptional. Very courteous and fast.

Deborah R. 10/19/2017

Movers were pleasant and professional. Nothing broken. Good experience over all. Move ended up costing a bit less due to lighter weight. Would use Bekins again

Erika P. 10/12/2017

Driver was excellent person to work with.

James D. 10/10/2017

Very professional. They called and told me that they were on their way and worked efficiently in identifying the things to be loaded into their truck. Highly recommended

Lynn W. 09/18/2017

I liked that someone came to my house to estimate, and she was very close. The driver was very communicative, so I was prepared when he arrived. some of the contents were a bit more banged up than I had hoped, and some things were handled a bit roughly. But they were friendly and eager to do what I asked. Overall it was a decent experience.

Diane F. 09/06/2017

Great job of packing. The two gentlemen did a great job.

Clifford H. 05/03/2017

I have made 10 moves. This was by far the best all the way around

Mike B. 05/02/2017

Excellent. Rudy and AJ showed up right on time, went right to work, finished up faster than I would have suspected. Those two are very hard workers and as a veteran of 21 years in the military I've made my share of moves and seen a lot of movers in action.

Jerry C. 04/13/2017

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