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Norfolk, VA

Moving in the Norfolk area can be a difficult task when you have a home or business to run. Bekins Moving Solutions aims to take the stress out of moving by assisting you with all aspects of your move. We can provide you with all the necessary moving supplies to get all your belongings securely packed. Our movers will carefully load and unload your items, even assist you in unpacking and getting settled. We have extensive experience in residential and commercial moving, no matter the distance. From moving a small apartment to a large office building, Bekins Moving Solutions has done it all! Let our office know how we can make your Norfolk moving experience as easy as possible.

Meet the Team

Paul Vaughn – General Manager, Bekins Moving Solutions of Norfolk

Our Norfolk, Virginia branch is the best moving company in the areas because we are committed to quality. Our entire team is dedicated to giving the client that “wow” moment. Our crews show up on time and are absolute professionals through the entire moving process. Our staff and crew treat each client as family and their belongings as if they were our own. I served in the Navy for 9 years in Norfolk and am glad to be back. I personally know the challenges of the military in Norfolk and am aware of the unique community that calls Hampton Roads home. My team is dedicated to giving each client the best moving experience.

The household goods industry, also known as the HHG industry, is one of the most dynamic careers someone can have. It’s a complex job where I have to be ready to adapt and overcome challenges each day. That is what I love the most about my position as General Manager for Bekins Moving Solutions of Norfolk. I’m on top of everything and there is never  a dull day.

Jim VanWyck – Moving Consultant

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pick a specific day for my move?

Sometimes. The date you move largely depends on how busy we are and how full our calendar is. During colder months or in the middle of the week, we tend to have more flexibility and can likely move on the date of your choice. Getting the exact date you desire during the summer or on weeks is harder, but not impossible. We highly recommend you get a moving estimate and book your mover at least a few weeks before the date you expect to move. This will increase your chances of getting the date of your choice.

If I’m not ready to move into my new residence, can you store my items?

Of course! We have a state of the art storage facility that can easily store your items. Through our Clear the Clutter program, we can also store a portion of your items before you fully move out of your home. This program often helps customers sell their homes faster. Contact us for more information.

What type of equipment do you have?

If you need it to move, we have it. We can provide basic moving supplies, such as boxes, packing tap and packing paper. We also have vaults for storage, forklifts and moving dollies. Our moving trucks are our pride and joy. We have a few different sizes of trucks to accommodate all sizes of moves.

What can I expect when the mover comes to my home to do an estimate?

In order to prepare an accurate estimate, a mover will be required to come to your home. They need to see every object and piece of furniture you intend to bring with you during the relocation process. This is generally known as a survey visit. Any special items, such as a piano or antiques, which would be considered of value should be noted, as they will need to be specially packed to ensure no damage comes to them during the move. After looking through your entire home room by room, the mover can offer a reasonable estimate for your items.

Besides the estimate, the mover will also take into consideration any complications that may occur, such as stairs, elevators, parking for the moving trucks, and heavy pieces of furniture that may take some work to remove from the home and load in the truck.

What packing options do you offer?

We offer partial and full-service packing options. When speaking with your moving consultant, go through the items you want us to pack and items you want us to pack for you. We are happy to do all the packing for you, but we also understand there are certain items you’d rather pack yourself.

We also offer custom crating for large unwieldy objects that may pose a problem while loading them into the truck or moving them long distances. Items like this include family antiques, pianos, or just old furniture that may cause problems down the line. Custom crating involves crafting a special crate to ensure zero damage comes to your most prized possessions while they are in the truck or being loaded onto the truck.

Our movers have been specially trained to crate and box everything of value in the most efficient manner possible while moving your goods from one point to another.

How far in advance should I schedule my move?

Moving is one of the most chaotic experiences anyone can go through in their life. However, the entire ordeal can be made far more reasonable and manageable with a bit of planning and by hiring the right moving company.

When it comes to planning in advance and scheduling the move with a company, you should begin at least one month in advance. The earlier the better, of course, because you need some time to research moving companies, the area you are relocating to, the cost of packing all of your items and moving everything, and any additional requirements that may arise.

Most moving companies can work with less time, if their schedule is not full at the time of the call, but it would be best for everyone to allow for a bit of planning time. You can call Bekins Moving Solutions to speak with a friendly customer representative and begin the first steps to relocating your family or your business to a new home.

For more information about our Norfolk movers, contact Bekins Moving Solutions today. Call 757-447-5886 to schedule your move with us!


Jim Van Wyck came to the apartment. He went systematically to every room. Noted the furniture etc. to be moved. Gave an estimate for moving. Confirmed it by email. He is a pleasant man and listened to all we had to say. He understood what we needed and what is to be done. Very nice person to work with. The movers, Brit and Brendon were good persons. Whatever they could do as per what we said they did it. No grumblings, no arguments. Brit and June came and delivered the items. Very good persons. Full marks to them.

Gopaul L. 09/29/2017

Everything went as planned and the packers and loaders were great

Jeff H. 05/04/2017

Great experience. Professional and courteous! They made sure everything was wrapped well. Quick delivery across 3,000 miles.

Mike C. 03/25/2017

The process was good from setting up the moving consultation to my actual day of moving. Ms Kathy, Juno and Nate were great and fast. Mr. Jim was also great to work with.

Jessica I. 03/04/2017

Wonderful. The movers were professional and fast. They packed and moved my furniture in under 4 hours.

Janell S. 02/14/2017

The guys helped a lot and went above and beyond to get everything to fit in my storage unit as well as packing it safely.

Randy S. 02/09/2017

Your company is great. The guys you sent to my house to move was great and outstanding. I will continue to move with you and your company Bekins is the best moving company in the world.

Tanya M. 01/16/2017

It was a perfect experience. The movers showed on time, worked efficiently and got us to our new location with no hassle or complications. We were very pleased. Many thanks.

Paul J. 01/16/2017

I received excellent service from Bekins Moving Service. The packers were on time and did a excellent job and the pickup group did an excellent job as well. The Norfolk Office kept me informed of the status of the shipping dates. I would recommend Bekins to any one who would require moving service.

David L. 12/08/2016

The move coordinator was easy to work with. Our driver was trustworthy and careful. Everything went as planned.

Molly S. 11/01/2016