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Bekins Moving Solutions has built a reputation as one of the finest offices moving companies in El Cajon, California. Our range of services expands across both residential and commercial moving, and we have become a brand name as premium local movers.

Moving an office can be a tedious task and Bekins is committed to eliminating all the hustle and bustle from moving. As top-notch commercial movers, we take care of everything that you need during the moving process. As one of the only local moving services that provides services from packaging of stuff to delivery and placement, alongside in-transit storage, we have become the premium office movers in El Cajon.

It doesn’t matter if you are moving a few blocks away, a few hundred miles or more because when we take the responsibility of moving your office safely, we make sure we keep our promise. So, do not think twice before calling Bekins for all your moving needs.

Packing & Crating

Custom Crating and Logistics Movers

If you’re worried about the potential safety of your household items, then you can opt to use custom crating from Bekins Moving Solutions to ensure the safekeeping of each and every item that requires such crating to be used. Custom crating generally consists of more than just packing an item into a box, taping it down, and shoving it into the back of a truck. Custom craftwork is an art form that professional logistics movers have mastered. Each container can be custom fit for your items, ensuring nothing slides around or gets scuffed during transit.

To build the sturdy container used for transportation, especially one for heavier items, a bit of knowledge is required. A professional moving company should be able take the necessary measurements, assemble the custom crate, pack the item inside with the necessary amount of padding, and then ship said item without any hassle or damage.

Secure On-Site Containers

If you have been living in your current home for quite some time now, chances are pretty high that you’ve acquired all manner of goods and furniture over the years. With all of this clutter, however, comes a high demand for more space, especially during your move. A secure on-site container can handle all of the excess items and keep them safe and dry while you unpack everything else from the moving truck and the crates.

If you’re simply looking for more space inside the new home, an on-site container will perform the necessary job by holding all of your old furniture and belongings. You still retain access to all of your items whenever you need them, but will save some money when it comes to remodeling or performing a renovation because you won’t have to move them off the property very far.


Full-Service National Moving Services

A cross-nation move is always a daunting task, no matter how many times you may have gone through the same experience before. With the correct national moving company behind your back, however, the entire event becomes so much easier to handle on all fronts.

A full-service national moving company will specialize in packing and shipping your items to a brand new location in an entirely new city across the country. All items are handled safely by a team of professionals who know how to minimize damage and loss. Fragile items are particularly worrisome during such a long trip, but Bekins Moving Solutions is capable of covering every aspect of the move with ease.

Depending on what your needs entail, a full-service national moving company could be right up your alley. Speak with a consultant today to discover exactly how Bekins Moving Solutions could meet your needs and then surpass your dreams of making this move easier than ever before.


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if something breaks or gets damaged?

It is an unfortunate fact of moving that something may be broken or damaged during transit to a new location. Should it be the result of the moving company, depending on the level of insurance you chose before the move commenced, your item could be replaced in full or for its monetary value by the professional moving company. There are specific levels of insurance one can purchase through a national moving company to ensure complete or partial coverage of your items in transit.

If you are shipping large expensive items, it may be best to pay the extra amount for full coverage insurance just in case something does go wrong during the move. Should the item be damaged or broken, simply submit a claim with the moving company and be sure to document the damage with photographs as proof. You should also have your paperwork on hand, including the insurance coverage plan. This will give you concrete proof to have the item reimbursed by the moving company.

Does valuation cover what I pack?

One of the most important things you should always consider when moving is that the company you have hired may accidentally damage or break an item you are shipping across the country. It does happen, unfortunately, and it is generally an accident that would have been avoided if it could be. Depending on the level of valuation you receive, your items could be partially or fully covered. There are three levels of coverage available at Bekins Moving Solutions: Declared Value, Assessed Value, or Full Value Coverage. Obviously, Full Value Coverage is the best option, but also the one that costs the most to keep. This version protects you from any lost or damaged property. The entire cost of repair or full replacement will be issued by the moving company in the event of anything going wrong.

For many, however, Assessed Value is more than enough to offer peace of mind. This option offers coverage based on cost instead of the total weight of the truck and its contents. Of course, this coverage should be determined prior to the move.

What if the job costs more than I prepaid for?

If you have chosen to prepay for the moving job you have requested, then the amount that you put down is covered already. Should the job cost more, however, you will need to speak with your professional moving service. More often than not, you may need to pay the difference for the work completed. Anything you have already put down for the job beforehand will remain on your account and will cover part of the work completed. You will not have to pay that amount again.

Should the job cost more, simply contact the moving company with any questions or concerns. You should receive the necessary paperwork once the job has been completed or during the quote process, letting you know exactly how much the job will cost in total. If you are concerned the job will cost more, simply speak with your moving consultant beforehand.


A Bekins Moving Solutions agent will be e-mailing you a quote in 24 hours or less