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Lindsay Lohan out of rehab and confirmed for part

Lindsay Lohan out of rehab and confirmed for partLindsay Lohan has made the news again, but this time it is about a part and not her problems with substances.  Her probation finally ended in March for the DUI in 2007.  She was also given a shot at SNL, though the critics did not believe she was sober or ready to be on the stage.  From how awful she looked in a recent picture there is a debate that her health is really ready for any acting, yet the actress has earned the role as Elizabeth Taylor in a project called Liz and Dick.  She will be going to Canada for the shoot and already has her work permit.

The movie will appear on Lifetime.  Ms. Lohan also made a statement in a recent newscast on Lifetime that she is ready for the role.  She admitted that she admired and respected Elizabeth Taylor.  The cameras will start filming in June for the role, so we can all look forward to her performance then.

Ms. Lohan is still on probation for jewelry theft charges.  This will not end until 2014.  According to the courts she is a law-abiding citizen now and free to return to her working life.  Fans are certainly hoping that she will be able to take on the role and finally return to the actress she was before.  As a child she did have great skills, which could carry over as long as the problems are nonexistent.

Jon Huser

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