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Legal advice for deployment

Deployment Legal adviceWhen a member of the family is deployed into their military service, the last thing anyone wants to think about is that something bad might happen to them.  As unpleasant as the idea is, however, when this move comes it is important to take into account the fact that anything could happen in the midst of a deployment and you should make sure you are prepared by having your legal affairs in order prior to departing.  There are a few tips to ensure that your legal worries are taken care of before your deployment.

Legal documents to handle include a living will and a power of attorney.  A living will should be drawn up by service members to make sure that their wishes are carried out should be they be seriously injured or killed. Legal services offices are set up by the military in order to assist service members and their families to create living wills, along with other pieces of legal documentation.

Service members might also want to give their power of attorney to someone they love and trust in case they suffer an injury or illness that stops them from being able to act in their own legal interest.  Service members should also make sure that they leave their loved ones with copies of their important legal records before their relocation takes place.  Records should be stored somewhere that is safe and secure but also easily accessible.  These records should include birth certificates, marriage certificates, visas, passports, military orders, discharge orders, and all dental and medical records.

Rick Wozniak

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