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Lahaina ranked as one of the best places to live

Lahaina ranked as one of the best places to liveWhen it comes to coastal US towns there are plenty to choose from, but when you want to move it is important to consider which ones might be best.  Lahaina, for example, ranked tenth as one of the best coastal living places.  You may not have the funds to relocate to Hawaii or the desire to leave behind most of your family, so other coastal options like California, South Carolina or Florida might fit your needs a little better.  California and South Carolina have both been named as some of the best states to find coastal cities worth living in.

Moving is not something one should do on a whim or just because they want a coastal town; however, if you are retiring or have a job that warrants relocation to a coastal town, knowing the best places to go can be important.  Lahaina is just one location.  There are also places like Newport, Oregon; Port Townsend, Washington; Juneau, Alaska; Charleston, South Carolina; Key Largo, Florida; and many others that may be worth relocating to.  It all depends on what you desire and the type of job you wish to have.  For instance, if you love mountains and sea, a place like Oregon, Washington, Alaska or Hawaii can be perfect.  California even has a few cliffs that could be of interest to you.  As you consider a new move, always check the cost of living to make certain you can afford to move to a coastal town.

Jon Huser

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