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Lafarge North America relocating

Lafarge North America relocatingLafarge is a giant cement company and manufacturer in North America.  The company has announced the business relocation of its headquarters from Virginia to Illinois.  The company will invest about $10 million on the office move, and also create 100 jobs over the next few years for Chicago, Illinois.

The objective of the move is to gain more workers that are skilled in the industry.  They will also have access to transportation.  It is a central location in North America that Virginia just cannot provide.  Illinois is looking forward to the new jobs in the state, as it will mean assistance for its economy.  The state is also offering $6.3 million over the next ten years to the company.  It is to be used as leverage over the private investment.  The package is designed to help train workers and gain economic development.

The office move will be a good one for Lafarge and also the state of Illinois.  The company already employs 300 workers in Illinois at its existing Lafarge location, which is soon to become the headquarters.  A few of the current employees in Virginia will be offered packages for the business relocation to join those in Illinois.  The headquarters cannot do without these employees, according to the spokesperson, so they have offered packages to help these workers to relocate with the office move.  Illinois as a destination is one with a large economy for a company such as Lafarge, thus making it an overall good choice for the headquarter relocation.

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