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Kristen Stewart at Robert Pattinson’s birthday

Kristen Stewart at Robert Pattinson’s birthdayRobert Pattinson held his 26th birthday party along with Kristen Stewart.  The party was held one day before Snow White and the Huntsman hit London on its premiere.  Kristen Stewart is starring in the film as Snow White, battling Charlize Theron.  It is well known that Stewart and Pattinson are a couple, so it is no surprise that she was by his side for the 26th birthday party.  Kristen was interviewed for the London premiere.

She declined comment on their relationship, but was happy to talk about the details of the new movie.  She also stole the show at the party with her lace dress and Nike sneakers.  She still held off any comments about Robert and where the party was located, given that London is his hometown.  Kristen declined to mention anything about the party, despite the many questions being asked as to whether she did anything fun like attend the party.  She kept the details to herself no matter how many questions she was asked, which shows us how important her personal life is to her.  For fans it might be a little frustrating, but all in all we can certainly see that they are a happy couple.  They will appear in Cannes together, according to rumor, though we will have to wait and see the couple.  Most certainly they will be dressed to impress and be enjoying each other’s company.  They are one of the hottest couples in the film industry right now, which makes it even harder to not learn the details.

Jon Huser

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