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Keeping your new home free from insects

Keeping your new home free from insectsPerhaps you have recently moved from Tampa, Florida or someplace in the south.  The south is known for its bugs, such as roaches.  When you move somewhere new you do not want any of these bugs to follow you.  If you had a problem with bugs in your old home then it is time to take preventative measures before you allow the same to happen in your new home.

While it is nice for the moving company to pack up all your belongings, haul them to the new location and then put them in the rooms you would like them to be in, you might want to hold off on that.  First let off a bug fogger in the garage where you have put all of your boxes.  This keeps the bugs in the garage and makes certain that they die before you bring the boxes into your home.  You will have to move the boxes on your own since the moving company will most likely end the contract with the delivery, but at least you know that your home is bug free from any insects.  It is best to allow at least a day for the bug fogger to work, as well as to make certain that all of the toxins from the fogger are gone.

The chances are that you will have to wash all of the linens and clothing again, but this is a small price to pay for making certain that your home is completely bug-free.

Lance Grooms

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