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Julie Benz marries fiancé

Julie Benz marries fiancéJulie Benz from Dexter has walked down the aisle.  The wedding was held on May 5th, which was also Cinco de Mayo.  The wedding ceremony was Mexican in theme to make it a special day for Rich Orosco.  Julie Benz is a former star on Dexter, and married a marketing executive.  They walked down the aisle at John Sowden House in Los Feliz Neighborhood, which is located in Los Angeles.  The house is a historic one, which helped add to the entire Mexican theme that the couple chose for their special day.

The couple announced their engagement almost a year ago. The couple stated to the media that they wanted to honor the groom’s family culture and heritage, which is why they chose Cinco de Mayo for their wedding day. Close family and friends attended the wedding.  The entire day was filled with colorful decorations, dresses and outfits.  The engagement was a Mexican Fiesta Pop-up where Orosco arranged a surprise in June last year, with 60 friends and family in attendance. Julie Benz stated that she could not believe her friends did not reveal the engagement surprise.

Julie Benz was formerly married to John Kassir.  They married in 1998 and split in 2007.  Julie is happy with her new hubby, and with such a wonderful engagement and wedding many hope true happiness will follow the couple throughout their lifetime.  Wedding pictures have been released online and in magazines for those who are curious.


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