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John Cusack as Edgar Allen Poe

John Cusack as Edgar Allen PoeA special showing of The Raven was hosted on Monday in LA.  The Raven is one of the most notable Edgar Allen Poe poems.  Most people remember at least a few lines from the poem, even if they are not fans of his other works.  John Cusack has been given the role of Edgar Allen Poe in the movie that spins the tale of The Raven, along with some of Poe’s background.  The plot is that Poe has to help the police stop a serial killer.  He is enlisted due to his brilliant mind and the fact that the killings mirror his written works.

Cusack stars alongside Alice Eve; she is his love interest in the film.  According to Ms. Eve, she had an instant connection with the character of Poe.  After all, he was a brilliant minded man who could spin horror with ease.

On the red carpet for the film there was even a raven, which Cusack allowed to perch on his arm.  He stated to the media that seeing Poe’s written works acted out was rather creepy.  It was like a nightmare you do not want to imagine.  Director James McTeigue stated that Cusack was chosen for his relatability as an actor.  Cusack has often played comedic characters, and though he has been in serious roles he has never done a period piece.  It will be interesting to see if he can really make Edgar Allen Poe stand out on the screen.

Lance Grooms

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