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Jobless levels lower than last four years

Jobless levels lower than last four yearsThe Labor Department is rejoicing after looking into last week’s applications for jobless benefits.  The department claims that there were fewer people signing up for benefits last week than in the last four years.  The department feels this is a sign that the recession is ending and the labor market is healing.  It does not mean that there are not still some unemployed individuals or that the numbers are low enough yet.  It just means that fewer people are in need of help.

It could be as a result of more US citizens being willing to move in order to obtain a job.  Many have needed to relocate to states that can offer better job opportunities for those who are in need of employment.  There are certain states offering jobs in a variety of industries, such as North Dakota.  If one has the right qualifications then relocation can be a viable option over suffering from job loss and not enough unemployment benefits.

Risks are still out there with regards to jobs and recession issues, but on the whole things are becoming better.  When families have nothing more to lose as their homes are already foreclosed on, it also makes sense to leave the old life behind for one in a place where jobs are still available.  Businesses that are relocating and offer relocation to their employees may mean the person has to take it.  It might be difficult or a financial loss at first, but employees would rather move than be out of a job.

Jon Huser

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