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Jessica Simpson and baby news

Jessica Simpson and baby newsJessica Simpson and partner Eric Johnson have welcomed their baby girl, whom they have named Maxwell Drew.  Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson have allowed the first baby photos of their daughter to be published in a magazine.  As of yet the photos have not been released online for us to see, but that is probably coming soon.

E News has not heard about a deal for payment for the pictures yet.  Most magazines tend to pay for stars’ pictures, such as moms and their new babies, in the celebrity world.  The industry states that a magazine may pay upwards of $750,000 to post the new baby pictures online of the new family member.

Joe Simpson, Jessica’s father, stated in a tweet that he is quite happy to see his granddaughter and it is a “dream come true.”  Simpson gave birth on Tuesday morning, May 1st 2012, to the baby girl in an amazing three-room, two-bath suite.  The payment for each day was $3,800.  This does not include the security costs, private nurse, limo service, and other extras that will be a part of the birth and aftercare of the precious baby girl.  The room was fully stocked with food, TV, DVD player and stereo to help keep mom, baby and new daddy comfortable.  There is every chance that the new photos will be released in a few days with the parents’ full consent.  Plenty of people are waiting for the photos to be released.

Jon Huser

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