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Jennifer Lopez may not judge on American Idol

Jennifer Lopez may not judge on American IdolJennifer Lopez has stated that she may turn in her judging robes with American Idol next year.  She is trying to juggle a lot with motherhood, acting and music.  Lopez has twins who are reaching school age.  They will need her attention more now and there are also the acting and music careers that she already has.  Lopez spoke with Ellen DeGeneres about not renewing the contract.  She also said that she was probably too busy with everything to think about American Idol.  It was her second year on the show this season, but she is not certain she can handle a third.  She is missing other things, such as spending the time with her babies.  As they are about to enter school, she needs more time to be mobile so that she can drop them off and pick them up.

The television show stated that it definitely wants her back.  Lopez is certainly one of the most popular celebrities and her career has had a helping hand with American Idol.  She has several endorsements, record sales and a social media buzz that are keeping her career afloat.  She is certainly a worthy actress and musician.  She is about to head out on tour too, in July and August, which could be another reason that she might be holding back.  Also, her latest movie with some other top stars, What to Expect When You Are Expecting, will release this weekend at box offices around the USA.

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