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Japan-US military talks continue as troops wonder what is next

Japan-US military talks continue as troops wonder what is nextCamp Foster in Okinawa will see changes, but the question many of the troops have is what changes will occur.  US marines in Okinawa are waiting to hear if they will be spread out over the Pacific or will remain mostly in Japan.  The talks in Japan between the US about military moving have been ongoing for a few months now, but there is still no answer as to what will happen.  The US does want to work with Japan, but it still feels that the marines need to be in the Pacific.

Last year an agreement with Australia was made to rotate troops through Australia.  Marines have been moving between Japan, Australia and the US since the talks of a move from Japan to Guam surfaced.  In February the US did say that talks were happening with regards to moving 4,700 marines to Guam from the Japanese base, yet negotiations are far from over.  There are details such as using the Futenma air station as a base in Japan.

The US and Japan announced that they will have a final decision in April yet the talks are still no closer to an actual compromise, according to the news getting out about a possible military move from Okinawa to Guam.  The reason the US does not want to pull out of the Pacific is the rising tensions between North and South Korea.  The US wishes to be on hand to help should anything occur in North Korea that would warrant action.

Rick Wozniak

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