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Israel’s military strike could have troubling consequences

Israel’s military strike could have troubling consequencesPrime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s former political partner does not agree with the impending Israeli strike on Iran’s nuclear facility.  In fact, he has warned that this may have catastrophic results for Israel rather than for Iran.

The attack those in the military are planning is probably not going to be effective.  It would also lead to war between Iran and Israel.  The US military move has been to try negotiating with Israel to hold off an attack.  The talks have not been going well, since Israel still wants to place an attack on the facility.  The reason even the US does not support the military move is that the facility is deep underground.  It would be hard for an air strike to reach the actual underground facility and damage it enough to stop Iran’s nuclear project.

Even if Israel were to stop the supposed nuclear facility that Iran denies as active, it could start a war.  The US military has stated it would be on hand to move to Israel to help if they do strike, but it would not be the ideal situation.  Israel is on good terms with the US, which is why the military would move for Israel rather than working with Iran.  Still, the attack would be considered unsanctioned and unwarranted.  The unwarranted part of the issue would be Iran’s view.  Leader of the Opposition Shaul Mofaz stated that war would be a definite result, while the strategic attack would not have the desired effect.

Jon Huser

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