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Is Telecommuting Worth It?

Telecommuting WorthToday it seems like more and more businesses are allowing their employees to telecommute.  In fact, over the last 10 years or so, the number of people working from home either all or part of the time has increased exponentially.  High-speed Internet and mobile devices have made it easy for people to work from just about any location.  But is telecommuting really worth it?

Telecommuting isn’t for everyone. It just depends on the nature of your job and if staying at home all day is something you’d like to do.  But, if it works for you, telecommuting can definitely help both the employee and the company.  Telecommuting can save everyone a lot of time and money.  Let’s say you need to make a long distance move because your spouse got a better job but you don’t want to leave your current employment.  If you can telecommute, you get to keep your job and relocate with your family.

We all know that moving, whether it is a long distance or local move can be stressful.  Why add the anxiety of your employment and income to the mix?  Telecommuting has proven to be worth it for many people.  But remember, even though you will be working from home, you may still need relocation counseling or assistance.  Be sure to research your moving company options so that you can make your move as seamlessly as possible.

– Lance Grooms

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