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Iran still a target for military

Military still targeting IranAt the moment talks in the United Nations are continuing regarding nuclear programs in Iran.  The chief of the UN stated that talks are going well and a deal will be signed with Iran so that a better investigation can be conducted with regards to Tehran and the nuclear facility.  These talks have not stopped the US and allied military from preparing for a possible need for action.  The agreement will hopefully stop the need for the action to be taken, but the military move to get prepared is still important.

If the military move needs to happen in the next month or year, the US and allied forces want to be on hand within moments of the call to action.  In this way they will appease Israel, which is one of the countries most upset over the nuclear facility so close to its borders.  Iran still maintains that the facility is empty and not being used for any nuclear programs.  The problem is the mountain that it resides in.  The facility is deep in a mountain and it is almost impossible to get a picture of what is really going on.

Yukiya Amano is the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency.  He was in Iran for some peace talks and upon returning to Vienna stated that an agreement would be signed soon.  He further stated that the talks went well because both parties understood each other.  Amano is a Japanese diplomat with a lot of experience.  He has also pushed to move into the operations for inspection.

Rick Wozniak

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