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India not sure of US partnership

India not sure of US partnershipThe US Defense Secretary has been traveling around Asia and India in talks to strengthen relationships between the military in various Asian countries.  India is being urged to have a closer US military relationship, but it seems that it is more interested in buying weapons than strengthening the relationship, such as the Philippines has done.  The Philippines is just one country that will be working with the US in military moves to train both countries better in the event that uprising occurs from known countries in the area.  China and North Korea are highly displeased with the US.  China is also trying to get a bigger cut of the South China Sea to gain more profit from oil.

This is one of the reasons that the US military is moving into the area even as this is written.  In the next eight years more Navy ships will be positioned in the area to strengthen the military relationships.  The relocation of these ships will help with aquatic military training, as well as show the partners currently working with the US that the US is serious in offering aide in military training.  India stated in the talks that it would rather set its own plan for making certain that it is safe from Iran and Afghanistan, rather than having a full partnership with the US.  This will produce a limited partnership, where weapons may be traded and brought in by the US with the military relocation of assets including warships, weapons and personnel.

Jon Huser

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