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Hunger Games makes you think about your home

Hunger Games makes you think about your homeHunger Games has certainly topped the box office around the world, with $214 million in earnings for the opening weekend.  The show is a post-apocalyptic movie where teenagers have to fight each other in order to survive.  It is all about securing enough food.  Without stating too much about the movie, the point is that something on this large a scale in a time when there may not be enough food tends to make people reflect on what they already have.

You may be thinking about moving to a new country.  Perhaps a different place would be better with a little international relocation; however, the Hunger Games may make you reflect on your current situation and find satisfaction in what you already have.  If you are unemployed then certainly a move for a job is a good idea.  If you can find one through international relocation or with a long distance move then perhaps moving is worthwhile.

Sometimes the other side of the fence looks better until we are actually there.  The point is that this top movie really makes you think about what a long distance move could mean and whether your current situation really necessitates it.  If you do need a job or need to find a better apartment for cost reasons then a move is certainly worthwhile.  A long distance move for a new job or for a more affordable town to live in is usually worth it.

Lance Grooms

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