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How to pack heavy furniture

preparing to moveGetting your furniture ready to be packed and moved is one of the most intimidating parts of the entire process of relocation.  Everyone has solid beds, bunk beds, antique dressers, dining sets, sofas or closets, and getting them packed needs a good deal of time, physical effort, patience, and nerves of steel.

The very first thing that you should do is to come up with an inventory list of everything that you will need to pack and move.  This will assist you in tracking the items in question when they get to the other end of their journey and will also assist you with working out precisely how many packing materials you are going to need.

You are going to need packing tape, sheets of cardboard, mattress and sofa covers, old rags, furniture blankets, bubble wrap, plastic wrap and old towels.  Take a trip to a moving supplies store and have a conversation with a salesperson about to the sort of furniture that you are going to need to pack and solicit their opinion about the best kind of materials to select.


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