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How to pack food and outdoor equipment for the move

Tips for movingIf you are intending to take food with you when you move, you should only pack food items that you are absolutely certain will travel well.  You should never try to take anything perishable on a move and never take anything that needs to be frozen.

If you have any open boxes of powdered or dried foods such as cereals, macaroni or rice, they should be sealed with tape before the relocation.  Any small containers of bouillon cubes, condiments, flavorings, gelatin and herbs and spices should be put together in a small box that is then packed in a bigger carton.  Shaker-type containers should have their holes covered and then sealed with tape.  Canned goods should be packed in limited quantities in every carton due to their weight.

If you are intending to take any of your outdoor equipment with you when you move, you should begin the process of dismantling the likes of children’s swing sets, garden sheds and outdoor TV antennas some time before the actual day of the relocation.

You should gather the pieces and then have them bundled together with nylon cord.  Small items of hardware should be placed into a cloth bag and then securely attached to their corresponding pieces of equipment.  If you are going to take your lawnmower with you, you should prepare it for the transition by draining it of gasoline the day before.


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