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How to move out of state on your own

Moving out of state on your ownMoving out of state can be a highly intimidating idea, particularly if you will be doing so alone.  Relocation out of state on your own means that you do not just have to cope with the stress of such a move but also getting to know your new local area and surviving with no one else to help you.  The good news is that ample preparation can make such a relocation go a lot more smoothly.

When you are moving on your own, planning your finances is something that you will have to account for, including both the cost of the move itself and of day-to-day living in your new abode.  This includes finding a job or at least getting job interviews in the new state, making sure that you have enough savings to last at least the first two to three months after the move, and creating a budget for moving.  A list of expenses should be compiled that includes rent/mortgage, utilities, transportation and gas costs for the first couple of months following your relocation, and saving accordingly.

When you move with other people, their help can be relied upon when it comes to packing and unpacking and moving heavy items, but this is not the case when you move on your own.  You do not necessarily have to hire a moving company for the whole move, however, as you can still get the help of your friends and family at your current location and then perhaps avail yourself of the services of a moving company to unload and unpack at your destination.

Jon Huser

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