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How to move home with your cat

Moving with a catCats are extremely territorial animals and can often find it difficult to accept a brand new house as their home.  When the old residence is nearby, the cat often returns there; however, if the move is a long way away, cats often wander off and become lost.

In order to help your cat to settle into its new home there are a few helpful tips you can follow.  One of those tips is to fit your cat with an identity collar including its new address and your name before the move.  It is also essential to have your cat micro-chipped and make sure that the database has been updated with your new details.

You should move a cat in a container that is safe and has been well secured.  A cat box or cat basket is ideal in order to make certain that there is no possibility of escape.  Your cat should be the last thing that you move and everything should be set up in your new home – such as furniture and familiar bedding – for your cat’s arrival.  It would also be best if all tradesmen had left before the cat arrives so as not to unnerve it.

It can also be a good idea to board your pet in a cattery while relocation is taking place.  This prevents the cat from witnessing the entire packing taking place and you can introduce it to its new home when everything has been put in order.

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