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How to minimize your moving costs

Budget CutsIf you need to keep the cost of your move to a minimum, it is worth making an effort to cut back on all the usual areas of expense.

Sometimes it is a good idea to get the cheapest packing materials that you can find, which in many cases can mean free of charge. Used boxes can be picked up at any store and you can also obtain them from friends and family if they have recently moved house. It is also worth speaking to your moving company, which may be able to provide you with newer and stronger boxes as part of the cost of using its removal service.

You can save money on the packing materials by making your own. You can save items such as old newspaper and bubble wrap from deliveries and you can also pad things out with fabrics such as towels and old bedding. For free newspapers talk to your local store about the papers that did not sell and cannot be sent back to the wholesaler.

Finally, talk to your professional movers about keeping costs down. Your movers may be able to offer you a discount if you move at an off-peak time and you may be able to negotiate if you think the price quoted is too high. Remember that the moving company will be charging for the volume of goods that you want to be moved; therefore, if there are items that you do not want to keep, don’t pay to have them taken to your new address – get rid of them first. 


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