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How to make military relocation easier

Moving can be stressful for families – particularly families in the military, who are often forced to move on a frequent basis and sometimes without much in the way of advance notice.  These moves might be within the same base but sometimes they can be on the opposite side of the country. The good news is that the military offers assistance to help soldiers and their loved ones to make the transition.  There is also a do it yourself option (DITY) offered by the military,  which can make the relocation go considerably more smoothly.  Regardless of how quickly the move takes place, or the kind of relocation assistance that is requested by the family, there are a few tips that can help to keep things in order.

Regardless of the length of time there is to plan the move, having a plan in place is crucial to making a successful transition.  Important information should be gathered into one folder, including such information as phone numbers, dates, checklists, contact names and receipts.  This information all being together in the one folder means that you will be able to track all details about the move quickly and easily.  The website of the Department of Defense also offers a number of moving tools specifically tailored to military relocation.

Many families decide on a DITY move as it offers them more control and may even make them some money, with an allotted cost provided for moving by the military; if your move comes in under this cost because of your own planning, you will pocket the difference.

Rick Wozniak

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