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How to Get Through Loading Day

Make loading day easyAre you aware that moving is much more than packing up your belongings and getting from point A to point B?  A lot of planning and preparation goes into any relocation.  One of the most stressful days during a move is loading day – the day when your movers arrive and start emptying your house.  So how do you get through it?  Here’s what you do.

  • Make a Folder for Loading Day – This folder should contain all sorts of goodies like your moving company’s contact information, documents related to your new home, driving directions, phone numbers, and cash tips for the movers.  (Yes, you should tip the workers packing up your truck!)
  • Be There when the Movers Arrive – This is an important one.  The movers will make an inventory of all of your things and you need to be present in case there is any disagreement or dispute about the list.  Plus, you’ll need to sign it.  Also, remember to have all valuable items listed separately so that nothing is misplaced.
  • Be Clear on the Packing – As you know, proper packing is critical to a successful relocation.  Packing day should be scheduled a day or two before loading day when possible.  This will ensure that everything is ready to go.  If you decide to pack on your own it may take liability away from the movers if anything is damaged en route.
  • Get Some Rest  – Allow the moving crew to load your stuff into the moving truck – that is what they were hired for.  Of course, it is a good idea to stay around in case they have any questions.

Jon Huser

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