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How to avoid a moving scam

Avoid a moving scamWhile the great majority of the moving industry is filled with professional and reputable firms, as with any industry there are less than honorable companies out there.  One of the most common moving scams is a company that claims that a move will cost a certain amount, only to then revise this figure upwards by a considerable degree.  If the homeowner refuses to pay, the company in return refuses to give back their possessions.

The good news is that there are ways to avoid falling victim to a moving scam.  One good tip is to never arrange your relocation entirely via the internet.  Scammers almost always look for their unsuspecting victims online, so the best idea is to find a company in your own area that has been in business for many years and are accredited with the industry association, the American Moving & Storage Association. It can also be a good idea to ask your real estate agent for moving company recommendations to get a start.

Something else you can do is to find out whether the company actually performs the relocation itself or subcontract the work out to others.  If it is the latter, do not hire them.  You should be sure to schedule an actual in-house estimate from one of the moving company’s representatives, which is something that any reputable company will be willing to do.  Consulting the American Moving & Storage Association to find a ProMover is your best bet to ensure you chose a quality mover.


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