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Houston top company relocation spot

Houston ideal for company relocationA recent study has shown that Houston has become a premier relocation spot for companies.  It was also named as the top city for facility expansions.  Houston has seen some recent economic development.  This may be the reason that relocation and expansions seem to be happening in Houston over other cities in the USA.  Last year there were over 195 moves for companies in Houston.  The relocation of these businesses also increased the number of jobs available by 4,720 jobs.

The jobs were partially filled with expansion work, meaning commercial construction jobs.  This meant experts from other cities around the USA were brought in together with finding locally based workers.  Many of the expansions and relocations were 20,000 square feet facilities allowing for $1 million in capital investment and at least 50 new permanent jobs at the facilities.

There are other cities that are on an economic turn for the better.  Colorado, Washington DC, Oregon and Washington State have quite a few cities that have increased the number of jobs they have on offer.  This has also meant a few relocations around these states or to these states.  Though Houston, Texas has the most change in jobs and relocations, an individual can look around the entire USA to find a new job and home if they are in need.  Places such as Ennis, Montana have just created new medical facilities.  This provides more jobs to the residents and those who are wishing to relocate to get into the medical field.

Gene Salaz

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