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Helping an elderly person to move

Elderly careIf you have an elderly friend or relative who needs to move home, you may discover that they find the whole process very stressful. Leaving what they know can be very difficult and they may need a lot of support to help them to get through the process.

Many elderly people leave their homes because they no longer need the same amount of space, because they are moving into sheltered accommodation or because they are going into a care home. Each of these situations has its own issues and you need to consider these when helping your elderly relative to move.

Your elderly friend or relative may be worried about packing, particularly if they are downsizing their home and have to get rid of a lot of their possessions. Helping them with the packing will ensure that they do not get flustered and get rid of the wrong things. They are sure to have plenty of items that have sentimental value that they will want to have with them in their new home. Planning a few packing sessions in advance of the move will help to reassure them that their things will be packed properly.

They may want to spend a lot of time talking about their memories of their old home and their possessions while packing. This is natural, particularly if they have lived there for a long time. This could make the whole process longer; therefore, when you are planning the house move, factor in extra time. This is a therapeutic process for your elderly friend or relative and will help them to come to terms with the move.


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