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Helpful tips for an office move

Helpful tips for moving officesMoving is rarely a pleasurable experience, and your stress levels can go through the roof when you are moving a business.  The good news is that there are a few handy hints to help you to make sure that your office move is carried out as efficiently as possible. Planning is crucial when it comes to moving your business
A business that is in the midst of relocation is a business that is unlikely to be making money; therefore, the less time you actually spend moving, the better and more cost efficient the move will be. One good tip is to make sure that you have familiarized yourself with the new office location.  One thing that can be a big help is to take the measurements of all of the new rooms, as this will let you know whether the furniture from your current office will be able to fit into the new space.
Before you make a move to the new office, you need to create and then distribute a floor plan of the new location.  The location of plants, furniture and any other form of office item should be recorded by floor, as this means that employees, the moving company and any other people who are involved in the relocation will be on the ball and unlikely to suffer any confusion for the duration of the move.
Gene Salaz

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