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Helpful Storage Hints

Follow our tips to help you make the most of your storage solutionIf you are thinking about using a storage facility, you should definitely not go into it blind.  There are some things you should know about storage facilities so that you and your belongings are protected.  If you’re utilizing full-service storage, your experience will be much more hands-off than a self-service solution.  If you choose to do everything yourself, keep these facts in mind:

  • Homeowners insurance will not usually cover your stuff while in storage.
  • It is illegal to store combustible materials, so empty the gas from all lawnmowers, power tools, and similar items before storing.
  • Store valuable items toward the back of the unit.  All items you may need to access frequently should be near the front.
  • Always clean and dry appliances before storing them.  Keep freezer and fridge doors slightly ajar.
  • Never store your mattress or box spring flat.  Use pallets and store them on the long edges.
  • Wrap pictures, paintings, and mirrors in protective materials and mark them as fragile.  Don’t lay them flat!
  • If you are storing your clothes, put them in appropriate wardrobe boxes near the front of the unit in case your stuff is stored longer than you had planned.
  • Use cedar chips or mothballs when storing clothes, especially wool.
  • Line the floor of your storage unit with plastic before filling it.
  • Always wax wooden furniture before storing it.  Cover it with sheets for protection.
  • If you are storing your stuff in a non-climate-controlled storage facility, do not store your items in plastic bags.  Humidity can cause lots of damage.

When storing your items at a full-service facility, the packing, labor and hassle is taken care of for you.  Consider your choices and choose which fits your situation best.

Jon Huser

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