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Hawaii gains soldiers

Hawaii gains soldiersThe US is expected to make an announcement with regards to the military and Japan.  The agreement made with Japan to keep US soldiers in Okinawa has ended.  Debates have been ongoing for a few months about whether Japan will allow troops to stay or if a large scale military move will need to be underway soon.  US Marines were supposed to head straight to Guam; in fact, about 4,700 were supposed to undergo a military move there.  This decision has been halted where 2,700 marines may be sent from Japan to Hawaii instead.

The decision is actually going to be announced as soon as possible on April 25th 2012.  There will definitely be marines moving through Australia heading to the US, Guam, and even the mainland US.  In 2006 about 8,600 marines and 9,000 dependents were transferred to Okinawa; it is time for most of them to move to Guam or back to the US.

Okinawa is opposing any marines be kept on the island.  Rather, it would like to see Futenma Air Station closed.  It has stated that pollution and crime are the reasons.  The Japanese also state that Kadena Air Base is no longer a place for US military.  The discussions have so far been tough, with both parties wishing for their own results and little compromise.  The issue with North Korea is also affecting decisions, considering that the US would be close and on hand should South Korea wish for help.

Jon Huser

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