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Green Mountain Coffee Roasters business relocation

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters business relocationGreen Mountain Coffee Roasters announced an upcoming office move this week.  The Keurig business has decided to move to Burlington. It is currently based in Reading Massachusetts; however, the company leases office space in Reading, Woburn and Wakefield.  An office move will streamline the company into one location rather than spending money leasing three different office spaces.  This is a consideration that other businesses have to make sometimes.  Anytime a business has more than one location in the same state and in nearby towns, it is important to consider if business relocation would be a better option and a larger building could be used.

This could save money, allowing the overheads to be lower and the profit higher.  It would certainly offer stability to a company to undergo business relocation to one building over three in the same area.  Furthermore, with the right choice you could put the profit back into research and development, or even increase the wages for your deserving longtime employees.

An office move can lead to many good things, but you also have to consider the downsides to a move.  If you are dependent on your clients finding you, a move could be costly.  With a company like Green Mountain that ships its products to retailers, moving the headquarters can be the best option in order to streamline the company and avoid spending too much on office leases, especially if the new location could offer offices and manufacturing options.

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