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Greatbatch medical manufacturer moving

Medical manufacturer movingGreatbatch Medical Device Manufacturer has announced that it will conduct an office move to Frisco.  It is moving its global headquarters out of Clarence, New York to Frisco, Texas.  Wilson Greatbatch, who was the co-inventor of the first pacemaker to be implanted successfully, founded the company in 1970.  The CEO, Thomas Hook, stated that North Texas has a strong medical history, which is key to the business relocation.

There is a cluster of medical device locations in North Texas, with a strong business community.  It makes sense to move closer to a place with medical technology electronics firms and academic research institutions, where potentially new concepts can be invented with new potential employees right out of university.  The business relocation is going to help the company to expand, and the company is also going to commit to its 700 New York associates by working on creating a stronger company in Texas.

The office move will start in the summer of 2012, with most of the executives moving while the associates stay behind in New York.  Additional individuals may be asked to move as resources warrant it, and if there are business needs.  It means that hiring will occur in Texas too.  The long-term goal is to make certain that the company will remain a success, and to do this the move to Frisco is necessary.  It does not mean the company is giving up New York; it is just making a necessary change to enhance the entire business for better success in medical device creation.

Gene Salaz

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