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Gomez to move in with Bieber?

Gomez to move in with Bieber?Could hot young stars Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber be about to move in together? This is the question on the lips of many in the entertainment industry after a fan snapped a photograph of the celebrity couple recently shopping in Target’s small appliance aisles.  The thing that has people talking is that it was not just any Target store the twosome were snapped in but the one situated in Calabasas in California, close to where Justin Bieber has bought a massive new home that is apparently still mostly empty.

Hollywood Life says that the fan photograph sees Gomez holding a Sunbeam box of medium size, although the contents – be it espresso maker or toaster – are unknown.  Of course, precisely what appliance or appliances the couple purchased is not the issue, nor what has people gossiping.  The tabloid speculation is all about whether such joint domestic purchases mean that the young celebrity couple could be poised to move in together, just shy of Gomez’s 20th birthday.  They have also both been nominated for the Teen Choice Awards.

Of course, perhaps such speculation is just that.  Gomez may simply have wanted to be able to cook something special for her boyfriend and lacked the necessary gadgets to be able to do so.  While the two youngsters seem ideally suited, there is no rush for them to move in together and given that Gomez’s grandparents were also in town, it seems likely that she ended up staying with them that night instead.

Jon Huser

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