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Getting the details right for your office move

Office moving tipsEverybody knows that an office move is a massive undertaking and that it is very easy for the small details to get overlooked during the planning stage. Here are a few things that you can do to help your office move go smoothly.

Remember to change your address with all your utilities and other suppliers. An interruption in service could be difficult for your business to cope with; therefore, you need to make sure that everybody is advised about the change before the move takes place. Appoint a member of staff to go through all your contacts and either send a letter or email. Follow this up a few days later to make sure that it has been actioned.

Make arrangements to move your office at the weekend. This is less disruptive for staff and clients, not to mention any neighbors you may have. Your team can finish work on a Friday, you can move on Saturday and Sunday, and your team starts work again on Monday morning.

Finally, make sure that you allow a settling-in time at your new office. Your team may be ready to start work on the Monday morning but there are bound to be teething problems, as it is unrealistic to expect everything to run smoothly. There may be issues with telecommunications, items may have gone missing during the move, or it may be something as simple as not having any hot water. All these issues are easily dealt with but they could send stress levels rising; therefore, taking a laid-back approach during the first few days is likely to be helpful.


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