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Getting expert opinions for Mother’s Day

Getting expert opinions for Mother’s DayA list of special Mother’s Day gifts that celebrities have offered their mothers has been published to help give you ideas on the upcoming holiday.  Next weekend will be Mother’s Day, which means that you need to start preparing for that holiday.  Mariska Hargitay from Law and Order SVU gave her mother an Aqua Necklace, which benefits Joyful Heart Charity. The money spent on the necklace will partially go to the charity, so each one that is purchased means you are helping another person.

Rosanna Scotto from Fox stated that she enjoys being home and making a big dinner with her family, such as pizza with a stone pizza maker.  Snooki, who is a soon-to-be mother, stated that she would like a leopard print photo album for her baby’s first year.  Katie Couric stated that she likes summer scarves and has often given them as presents or received them as gifts.

When it comes to a Mother’s Day gift, most mothers are going to be happy if you can spend the day with them, call them, or just remind them how much you love them.  Your mother will definitely appreciate it if you tell her how wonderful she is as a parent.  If you can give a gift, have dinner together or spend the entire day with your mother, that will certainly help; however, more than anything, appreciation and love are what mothers are looking for on Mother’s Day because then they will know that you care.

Lance Grooms

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