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Gather your supplies before you pack

Gather your supplies before you packThere is nothing fun about running to the store in the middle of packing boxes because you ran out of packing tape.  It is far better to prepare for your packing during a relocation than to have to stop in the middle.  Firstly, if you stop, you waste time running to the store.  Secondly, you also have to waste the gas to make another trip to the store.  You could wait until you go to work or go out again for more than packing supplies, but the point is that you would have to stop packing until you have more supplies to continue.  The following are some helpful products to have for packing before your relocation.

Start collecting several plastic bags, labels, foam peanuts, tissue or craft paper, magazine pages, bubble wrap, at least two rolls of tape, markers, notebook and pens.  Also have scissors or a box knife on hand.  You will definitely need to also get some boxes to make certain that you are ready.  Boxes can be found for free via online portals or through your local stores, such as Wal-Mart. You may need to plan to go in around 10pm or later to find boxes from stores if you want them for free.  Getting them shipped directly to your home can be done by clicking here.  You can also use these tips for an office move.  Office moves also require packing supplies, so these materials and free boxes are also good for business moves.  Home moves may be more common, but these hints work either way.

Jon Huser

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