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Five things you should pack

Five things you should packThere are certain items you will want in an accessible box.  Consider making a box that is the ‘all’ box with regards to items you might find you still need as you pack other boxes.  Most products we own are electric, so CD player wires, computer cords and mobile phone chargers and batteries should be packed in your ‘all’ box for when you move.  You do not want to pack up your laptop cord or your mobile phone charger if you have weeks to go.  Even on the last day you may need it because of the batteries draining at the wrong time.

Tools can also be important to relocation, such as getting those last nails out of the wall or fixing an issue when you arrive at the new location.  If you do not want tools in your ‘all’ box make certain that they are accessible during your relocation, such as being in the back of your car that also carries your overnight luggage.

Bottle opener and glasses can be important unless you decide to get a package of water from the store.  When you arrive in your new location the first thing you might want to do is find fast food coupons, pizza, or other delivery options.  Keeping food close by before and after the move will keep you going during your move.  Lastly, have some cash on hand for an emergency.  You may have access to a bank account, but sometimes cash is still easier to use.

Lance Grooms

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