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First-Time Mover? Here are Some Tips

Paperwork for moving home

If you have never hired a moving company for a relocation, then you may be overwhelmed with the options and choices you need to make.  We all know that moving can be stressful and cause anxiety, so there really is no reason to stress yourself out with the task of choosing a moving company.  Here are some tips to make it a little easier.

  • If you are relocating across state lines, your moving company quote will be based on both weight and distance.  Any extras such as packing and unpacking can also be included.
  • Be sure to get any quote or estimate in writing.  That way it is binding.
  • Always get at least three different quotes from moving companies.  You may find that one company offers more bang for the buck.
  • Make sure that when you obtain an estimate that the movers do an onsite survey of your home.  That way, there are no surprises on moving day and you are issued a legitimate cost for your upcoming move.
  • If you have set a budget for your move, talk to the movers about it.  They may be able to help you stay within that budget during the move.
  • Start planning as early as possible.  The more time you invest in your relocation, the better.  It is advisable to start planning a move at least one month in advance.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions.

– Jon Huser

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