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First Keystone relocation

First Keystone relocationFirst Keystone Corporation will undergo relocation.  It is the parent company for First Keystone Community Bank in Pennsylvania.  The bank is one of the most customer focused of the region, but it has announced a relocation for their Kingston branch.  The move will slightly affect employees and customers.  The staff will move to the new offices; these will be up the street.  It is a minor relocation compared to some bank relocations in history, yet it will certainly affect the community and employees, as it may mean an increase in fuel usage if employees have to drive a little further on Wyoming Avenue to get to the new offices and bank.

First Keystone Community Bank is known to have a solid business sense for the local community, offering business and personal banking products.  The move is one that is necessary according to the bank.  In fact they are going to a larger building that will be able to accommodate more consumers.  Furthermore, they will be able to add a few more employees to the new facility to ensure that their customers are properly taken care of.

Relocation for businesses does not have to mean relocation to another town or state.  Sometimes it is just about providing a better environment for employees and customers.  The decision to move the facility was made months ago, as a new building was actually constructed with specifications that would improve the bank as a whole for employees and the bank branch’s customers, who they have served for many years.

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