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Finding Cheap Movers in NYC

Looking to move on a budget in NYC? Consider using a moving company.Moving on a budget can be done – even in New York City!  There are many ways to relocate in or around New York City without breaking the bank, you just need to know where to start.  So, we’ve decided to put together a list of some things you should look for when trying to save money hiring a moving company in NYC.  Check out our tips to find cheap movers in the city.

  • Ask for written not-to-exceed pricing.  Yes, you heard us; there are differrent types of pricing for intrastate and interstate moves based on local restrictions and your type of move.  Getting pricing in writing always important, but especially helpful if you are moving a long distance away.  Just remember to get the quote in writing so there are no surprises during or after the move.
  • Hourly rates apply for intrastate moves.  If you are moving within the city and don’t have a lot of stuff, you may save money by choosing the proper amount of movers for your move.  Depending on the minimum hours, amount of workers  and the size of your move, you’re going to want to compare the options before committing.
  • Consider getting your own Supplies.  Moving companies will charge you for packing supplies such as bubble wrap, tape, and boxes.  You can easily save money by purchasing these things on your own.  You can even be resourceful by getting free boxes at local stores and other shops.
  • Stay Organized.  Organization is key during any relocation.  So, be ready.  This is especially true if you are paying by the hour!  Have a plan and stick to it – make sure the movers have directions, addresses, and phone numbers for you.

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