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Fall previews for upcoming shows beginning

Fall previews for upcoming shows beginningIf you are fanatic about watching TV, then you probably know that many in the industry are getting previews of upcoming fall shows.  It is about the time that the fall shows are starting to roll out for the critics so that we as regular individuals have an idea of what will be coming.  The season this year was rather disappointing for new shows when you think about all of the new shows provided in fall 2011 and winter 2011.  Several shows have been cancelled without getting through an entire season because they were too disappointing.

This fall there are a few shows that have already been named, such as How to Live With Your Parents for the Rest of your Life and El Jefe. Both of these comedies are centered on moving.  The first one is about a divorced mother who moves home and must now live with her parents.  The second is about a man who undergoes foreclosure.

The point is that these shows are more like reality than comedy.  Right now there are many who have to relocate for employment or into smaller homes due to the backlash from the sub-prime mortgage crisis.  With a move such as these, these new shows might be a little extreme with regards to reality and how they might make us feel.  Then again, the shows on moving might make your relocation seem all the better when you consider it will be because of new employment or a new start.

Jon Huser

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