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Factor the weather into your move

Factor the weather into your moveFor those who are soon going to retire or are retired, weather should factor into where you will relocate next.  If you have the retirement fund to be in two different climates that is great, but for the majority of retirees it is choosing the climate they enjoy the most.  For some a warm climate like Tampa Florida is perfect.  You have endless days to enjoy golfing, the beach, swimming, and many outdoor activities.  For some it can be too hot.

On the other hand, you might have issues with hurricanes, tropical storms or thunderstorms that can turn deadly, such as the poor 90-year-old woman who slept in her house during a storm.  She was killed due to a falling tree on her house.  It is weather issues that should have you thinking about where to move.  Colorado suffers fires right now, California has earthquakes, and Arizona is a dry and hot climate.  When you move you definitely want to choose the climate that is best for you, especially when you retire.  You might also think about relocating to some place that is still close to your children.  When you become older it can be good to have at least one child close by to help you should the weather become an issue.  It can be harder to evacuate when you are older in a hurricane.

Obviously weather is not the only thing to consider when you want to relocate, but it is definitely an important factor.

Lance Grooms

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