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Energize your moving day the right way

Energize your moving day the right wayHiring movers can be one way to lessen your responsibilities on moving day; however, you still need to tell the movers where everything goes.  The moving company will want to know what needs to be packed, what you are taking and what is being left behind.  When they arrive at the new destination the moving company will then need to take the boxes and furniture to the right rooms.  If you decide against a company for one reason or another, you definitely need to be energized for the move.
Moving day requires energy no matter how you decide to move.  One of the things you can do to make your moving day a little easier is to eat a full dinner the night before.  You should also avoid alcohol and caffeine, since you do not want to be dehydrated or suffer from lack of oxygen.  Caffeine causes leg cramps because the body does not have enough oxygen in the muscles and blood.  If you are carrying heavy items up and down several flights, especially in hot summer weather, caffeine could certainly make the move more difficult.
Drink plenty of water during the move.  Also eat a healthy breakfast before you even start the day.  A bowl of cereal is not going to cut it when you need to keep up your energy.  Also make certain to have healthy quick snacks on hand so you can grab food while you are on the move.

Lance Grooms

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