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Employment increases in US help with relocation

Employment increases in US help with relocationAn employment forecast has been released whereby the Labor Department is seeing an increase in payroll.  The unemployment rate being counted is also lower than it has been in many months, but all of this does not mean that unemployment is actually going down.

There are a lot of details that the numbers overlook, such as workers getting fewer hours at their employment because the hours are not available.  There are issues with the number of hours worked versus the number of employees in a company, where sometimes fewer employees are put on the clock or they are sent home early because of the wage hours a company can afford for the year.  Unemployment may be decreasing, but it can also be an issue with getting unemployment funds from the government.  There is a point where a person can no longer get unemployment, even if they are still unemployed.

Even with the forecasts stating that employment is increasing, there are only some areas that are actually seeing more jobs.  Often it is relocation issues that are based on the ability to move to a state where there are fewer people but open jobs in specific industries.  Things such as this can definitely affect the amount of employment available.  A move to get a job in another state can be a wise option for those who are struggling, but it also requires a hard choice based on the affordability of the relocation for that position.

Jon Huser

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