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Employee relocation packing tips

Employee relocation packing tipsRelocating with your employer will take some time.  You and your employer will need to be ready for the move whether it is a long distance move or something shorter, such as a move across town.  When moving out of the current city your office is located in, it is imperative that you plan accordingly.  A relocation that requires distance is going to take more packing effort on your part to ensure that all items going with you are protected in the truck the company hired from the moving company.

A moving company will help with some of the relocation, but you still need to pack equipment properly.  Ask your boss what they wish to move and if there are any restrictions on what you need to pack.  The chances are that your boss or manager will have a moving checklist with assigned areas.  Obviously you will be responsible for moving your personal possessions and items in your workspace.  You may also be responsible for an area of the company that is public space.  Make certain you know what that space is and pack it accordingly.  Bubble wrap is best on all equipment in or out of a box however be sure if you choose to DIY that you get special bubble-wrap for electronics-it’s best to have the professionals do this to avoid static which cause cause the components to fail.  A copier, for example, will require you to take out the removable parts so as not to damage them during the move.  Once again, there’s more to this than meets the eye.  You may want this to be done by the copier provider.

Packing a filing cabinet for the move can also be another area that you should focus on with proper packing skills.  You need to remove everything from the cabinet, but more than that you need to sort out all of last year’s documents.

Jon Huser

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