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Eight Migrants Find New Home

Migrants given a new startIn an international relocation scheme there are eight people that will find a better life, or at least a new life, in Norway.  Eight migrants from Somalia and Eritrea are set to move to Norway.  The move is part of the European Union’s Reallocation Project for Malta.  The program was started in April and subsequently extended.  There will be another 22 relocating in the coming weeks as they leave Malta for Norway.

The authorities in Norway are providing assistance to families and those in need in Malta.  Norway is not a part of the European Union, but the country has decided to help out.  It made its commitment with a pledge at a conference in May 2011 to be a part of the help Malta is being offered.  Other countries are also taking part in the reallocation process.  It is a pilot program that, if it succeeds, may offer more protection for Malta in the future and also for other struggling nations that may need it.

Bulgaria, Denmark, Hungary, Ireland, Germany, Poland and Portugal are just some of the other countries that have made the same pledge to help those in need.  The Home Affairs Ministry was involved in the project in order to coordinate the moves with counterparts in Norway.  The International Organization for Migration was also a part of the project offering cultural orientation courses and logistical preparations for the eight individuals’ departure.

Jon Huser

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